The idea is simple. Using Goodwill for Good.

In the last 5 weeks, we have witnessed what humanity can achieve when it is united in it's fight against a common enemy. This period has also seen everyone get more focussed on their health and fitness and I am happy to be a part of this journey where we learnt that fitness is not constrained by availability of expensive equipment.

But this might not be enough.

The next phase of recovery and focus will be the economy and businesses will drive this agenda. With changing business models, keeping customers engaged will be challenging. Innovative and inventive thinking is going to be key, as Is continuous marketing initiatives. So here's an idea.

I am inviting anyone who is running a startup or a small business with exciting & innovative products or services and would like to use my platform and reach to customers. Send me details of your company and products. I will integrate your message in my videos and use all my social media influence to help you reach your customers. I have earned my goodwill through you and want to now use my reach with my audience, for you.